The “Misread” Series – Low Fart Milk

Here’s a scenario for you – you’re driving with your spouse, parent, or friend, and you pass a sign advertising “Pee Coffee.” You do a double-take and realize the sign is really advertising “Free Coffee,” but it’s too late. You’re already laughing like Butthead. Your  fellow traveler asks what you’re giggling about, and, after a lot of internal debate, you not only describe what you saw, but the hilarious and/or gruesome mental image that followed. Of course, your pal never thinks it’s very funny, but that’s okay, because today’s your big day, fellow Misreader.

I invite you to send me your instances of misread signs, and I will poorly illustrate them and post them here. Otherwise, I’ll just post my own, because I do this at least seventeen times a day.

To begin my series, here’s a not-so-artful depiction of what my dear coworker Barry saw when he caught a glimpse of the low-fat milk in the company fridge.

How does Beano work, anyway?


3 thoughts on “The “Misread” Series – Low Fart Milk

  1. haha… this is different but my mom always says chai tea as tai chi… but I am curious… what did the carton say before hand?
    um, off the top of my head I can’t think of anything right now, but I know there are some really stupid ones… I shall get back to ye.

  2. Mmm, love a good cup of tai chi in the morning….

    It was a carton of low-fat milk, but my coworker read “low-fart” milk. Hilarity ensued..

    Let me know when you think/see a good one! 🙂

    • Do mishearings count? If so, I have the perfect story: I was in my culinary class the other day and we had a function. I was working on the omelet station and when I was done I took my pans and went back into the kitchen. I told the people in dishroom as I handed them the pans “Be careful guys, these are hot” now, my friend who just happened to be passing by thought I said “Hey guys, there is a hot guy out there” What made this comment especially awkward was the fact that everyone there was at the very least 20 years older than me. Oh the joys!

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