I want to be A.O. Scott. But about books.

I’m going to review books.

Why not? I read a lot of them. I need blog fodder. I want to support authors and I want to talk about what I’m reading. Done! I officially declare myself a book reviewer.


So. Um. I suppose I should start by reviewing a book.



BAM! This is the second in The Hazy Souls series, a trilogy by T.S. Debrosse, a talented up-and-coming indie writer whose out-of-the-box, totally original premise is something you definitely won’t find in between THE CLIQUE and L8TER G8TOR on bookshelves. That’s precisely why I like it so much.

The Hazy Souls series starts in a traditional science fiction setting and takes you, quite literally, to the bowels of Hell. If you’re the kind of person who likes genre-bending works of fiction (ME ME ME), how does Religiously-Inspired Science Fiction Romance sound? RIGHT? I love it. Let’s come up with a name for it. How’s Reinscifimance? PERFECT. Let’s move on.

The star of the series is the ravishing Jeremy Chikalto, a devilishly cocky prince who just can’t help it if he’s good-looking and talented and rich and perfect, thankyouverymuch. In the first book, you wonder if you can even like Jeremy, because, holy cow, can he be a jerk – imagine a royal teenage Tony Stark. By the end, though, you understand why he is the way he is and, more importantly, what Debrosse is getting at. The answer will surprise you, and that’s exactly why you should read it.

In the second book, Jeremy continues to shock his fans with his naughty behavior, but, as he struggles with his new identity, we learn to love him in ways we didn’t in first book. There are plenty of steamy love scenes (literally and figuratively – they’re on an island, LOST-style), horrifying action sequences, creepy, keep-you-awake-at-night scenes in the Haze (I’m not even going to get into the Haze), and adorable quips and sounds from Lyrna the fizdruft, who I imagine looks like some kind of kitten Pikachu.




Adorableness aside, Debrosse’s ideas give the intellectual crowd plenty to ponder. Those who read Scripture or are familiar with the Bible will be able to dig much deeper into Debrosse’s work, and, I expect, have access to an especially rewarding layer of meaning. While reading, I did a fair amount of Googling, and also thought REALLY hard back to my days at Vacation Bible School, but all I could remember was the chant we did circa 1993 (J! E! S-U-S! K-I-D-S! *clapclap*).

Giving The Hazy Souls a try is actually less risky than that $1.99 box of NEW!ICYHOTFIREMINTS you bought at the 7-11 today, because the first book in the series is available for only $.99 on your Kindle:


It’s also available in paperback at:


If you do decide to pick up The Hazy Souls, do an indie sister a favor and leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Independent publishers don’t have the luxury of big marketing budgets or box-store-bookshelf privileges, so they rely on word-of-mouth to spread the good word (and, in this case, that’s a fabulous pun).


5 thoughts on “I want to be A.O. Scott. But about books.

  1. Sounds like an interesting book…
    A long time ago, like 5 years maybe, my sister was offered an opportunity to receive books ahead of time and review, and I unfortunately was not (she was older blah blah blah)
    Okay, so I thought this was the coolest thing ever but my sister declined. I was always too passive to express my wishes to be a beta reader, so nothing really happened with that particular position. How is that for an anticlimactic and ultimately pointless story?
    But that was a very long time ago. (looking back on it, they must have been books for much younger kids too.)
    Point is (yes, I may be discursive, but I do in fact have a point. Granted I didn’t have to write this paragraph but oh well) so point is that’s really cool! wow, three words vs my paragraph.

  2. Caroline, 1,000 points to you for your use of the word discursive.

    Nowadays, if you want a deal like your sister was offered, all you have to do is start a book review blog! Not like what I’m doing, here…this is small beans. You need to start a blog and get a good following. Eventually, once publishers see that you have many (I don’t know the number of ) readers, they’ll include you on their list of people to receive ARCs (Advance Read Copies) and you’ll get first dibs on books that haven’t been released yet. That way, when the author finally releases his/her books, lots of people have read/been talking about the book and people are more likely to rush to Amazon/B&N the day of the book release.

    A good example of this is Mercurial Musings: http://www.mymercurialmusings.com/ …she’s actually an English teacher at Mt. Olive High School, but she has a good following and receives quite a lot of ARCs from publishers.

    • I have news! This conversation is so fateful!
      So I am addicted to goodreads and I always enter tons of giveaways. I have won a few times before, but never an ARC. I should probably mention that it is my long time goal to get an ARC since forever ago.
      Or should I say….. it was.
      This morning I was greeted by a lovely email telling me that I had won one and it is an ARC!!!!!!
      mission accomplished!
      I thank this foreshadowing conversation for my success.
      (ps. does it annoy anyone else when authors call them AREs?)

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