I’m Going to Yale!

It looks like this. According to Google Images, anyway.

…for three days, anyway. But I’m totally buying a hoodie and hipster glasses while I’m there.

I received this a few hours ago:

Dear Jennifer,

We are happy to tell you that you have been accepted to the 2013 Yale Writers’ Conference for Session II from Friday June 21 – Sunday June 23.

Your workshop placement for Session II is as follows:

Workshop: Laurel Snyder – Children’s and Young Adult

HOLY! Here’s the kicker (and I hope you’ll pardon my shameless bragging for a moment) – they only accepted twelve writers per session, and the acceptance was based solely on a 2,000-word writing sample. I sent them the first half of the first chapter in FINNEGAN’S WAKING.

I applied on a whim a few weeks ago after researching writer’s conferences. I never thought I’d actually get in!

Cupcakes all around!

(from Ava’s in Rockaway, of course – because if there ever existed a Perfect Cupcake, I’m sure they made it)


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