10-Minute Write: Amethyst


Where is this door?

Where does it lead?

Why is the doorknob purple?

Is that a reflection in the doorknob? What do you see?

Who’s about to open it – or close it? Or refuse to touch it?

Using the picture as inspiration, write a piece entitled Amethyst. It could be a story, a poem, a vignette, or just your thoughts. Spend no more than five minutes thinking and ten minutes writing. No cheating!

You can answer all or none of the questions above. 

Post your writing in the comments section below!


28 thoughts on “10-Minute Write: Amethyst

  1. Amethyst (a vignette)

    I wake from sleep to see a door
    All Peripheral vision is lost to darkness
    I can only see the door
    The door is old but seated firmly in it’s frame
    The white paint is chalky in decay
    I can’t tell if it’s an inside or outside door
    My focus shifts to the knob
    An object of well tended beauty amidst neglect
    It is a polished jewel
    The door cries neglect but the knob sings beauty
    Stunning in color the Amethyst knob speaks of treasure and opulence
    I reach for door but pause to think of it’s placement
    There’s wonder of what’s on the other side
    A room of dilapidation or a vast field of wildflowers
    I decide not to open the door and admire it for a moment
    The door and it’s jewel fade to white
    I fall back to sleep and let my dreams decide what’s on the other side.

    • The door is in a room that is only visible right before you fall asleep. It leads to a long dream. The reason why it is purple is because it is a certain kind of gem that is a beautiful deep purple. It is glowing with mystery and excitement. This gem is called ampethist. That is what makes the door so beautiful in its own way, it gives the door personality… life… acomplishment!

    • The door doesnt seem special,
      not to me at least, but dont judge a book by its cover,
      its stronger than it looks it holds back the beast of beasts,
      they are on the other side of it,
      prying paws poke the knob,
      the knob is clear, it lets in a peek of what lies on the other side,a curious eye is what you can see, its one of the many things that are there but you dont think to see.

    • A+ for the first responder! I love the idea of choosing not to open the door – to rather live wondering than to risk a disappointing answer.

      Also, I love the word “opulence.” 1,000 bonus points to Daddy-o.

  2. I never really liked this old house. It always smells like dust and dried-up blood. I remember walking in the first day and what hit me was a gleaming light in the corner of the puny living room. I wasn’t too sure what it was exactly so I decided to carefully creep over and take a quick glance. As I got closer, I realized there was this perfect dazzling amethyst was on the rusty door knob. The door knob was on an awfully crooked, creaky door that couldn’t be perfectly shut.
    So why not be a rebel and see what’s beyond the door?
    I stepped in… slowly… silently… not a pin drop heard.
    Beyond this door, was a… graveyard. The wind blowing heavily, the aroma… smells of every unique individual mixed together to form one.
    I walk along the path of slushy gravel when I stumble upon a specific tombstone.
    I rub off all the dirt and dust to find the name of the person was…

  3. Amethyst

    The shimmering purple glints against the blinding white painted upon the wooden door.
    I stand before it, still as the door itself
    As it lures me towards what lies within it.
    My hand
    Reaches towards it, grasping the purple in my possession
    Twisting it
    My ask for entrance has been denied.
    The wooden door stands tall, white as snow, strong as rock.
    No way to look within, no way to retreat from it.
    Who will win?
    The tease, or the curious?
    The door creaks on its hinges.
    Who opened it?
    I look into golden eyes.
    Who is he?
    The look in his eyes tells me he knows who I am.
    I reach out
    Daintily I lift a hand to match his
    They fit like puzzle pieces
    Clicking together easily
    And creating a bond.
    He asks.
    Are you coming or not?

    • Entering the chambers of wealth in the kingdom of Dooplebop. PURPLE; the color of fame and fortune. Princess Applepeach’s reflection resembles an anxious disposition; her royal coronation ball. QUEEN AT LAST. Forced to marry her worst enemy (Lord WackaDoodle), the princess must make the grueling decision if she should marry for power with a life full of sorrow, or be disowned by her family with a life full of happiness…

  4. A door awaits me on the other side of the room. A door with a purple doorknob for an unknown reason. In the doorknob I see a reflection, a reflection of me. Why do I look like this? My face is beat up.Why is it beat up? Why? Where am I? Why am I here? Who am I? I know I’m Lauren Sullivan but who is that? A girl? Yes I know that but what am I? So many questions. I cant stand this.WHYY?

    I made this up off the top of my head and none of those questions were going through my head.

  5. Amethyst
    walking down the stairs I pause for a moment and take a deep breath, before I continue on to the dark basment that lies ahead of me. I hate my friends for daring me to walk down this creepy place, although I must prove to them that I am not afraid. When I reach the bottom of the steps, I pull out my only flashlight. There are barley any batteries left. When i flick it on the first thing I see is a door. It looks completley normal at first, white paint is peeling off the wood and it looks pretty old to me. The only unusual thing, was the small purple knob hanging right before my eyes. Of course my cureosity shall wash over me as I approach the peculiar door.
    As I examine the knob, it immediatly shows a reflection on me. For some weird reason it doesnt show my face, but dark shadows. Suddenly I am afraid. The shadows leave a dark purple tint as I realize that the knob is actually a clear color. LIke all of my pain agony and sadness is washed over the knob. I suddenly remember that I can’t be afraid. I wonder what is on the other side of this door right away, my fear almost makes the best of me though. I hear my friends calling my name for they have started to worry about me. My flashlight suddenly flickers out and I lay my hand on the doorknob, a cold rush surges through me, but I must not be afraid. I pull the door open and I see a purging light, am I imagineing things? but I walk inside anyway.

    I must not be afraid.

    I must not be afraid.

    I must not be afraid.

    • That glitchy repeat line may have been an accident, but I love it.

      Neil Gaiman, who wrote Coraline, initially intended to name it “Caroline,” but made a typo. He decided that the misspelled name reflected Coraline’s personality better.

      Sometimes mistakes inspire us! (Which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to make them.)

  6. It was old. The snow covering it was old; melting each year, revealing its bare brown skin. It was boring and dull, making people stare at it in disappointment, wondering where it had led to. A doorway that rugged looking couldn’t lead to anywhere important, they thought. Their faces were absorbed by the white chipping door. It was like looking into blank space, watching it fall apart. They slowly walked away overlooking the beauty and spice of the door. It was a purple pearl, reflecting their uninterested backs as they escaped from the curiosity that they did not show. Twinkling and shining still as people passed by carelessly. Sad that nobody would even notice it. They were too distracted by the unentertaining background, that they could not notice the shining center of hope.

    • SAM. Sometimes, I think you’re a genius, and you don’t even know it.

      With the word “hope,” you turned a simple description of a door into an extended metaphor describing people who are so overwhelmed with the ugly and dull in life that they cannot be inspired by the beauty.

      You’ve got some complex thoughts in that crazy, crazy noggin of yours.

  7. Amethyst

    There is supposed to be a door here
    Where is the door?
    the beige door with a purple doorknob
    But why is the doorknob purple?
    What lies behind the closed door?

    So many thoughts run through my mind as i stare at the door in front of me. I feel like its staring back at me like it can read my mind. This was a dumb dare. All of my friends are upstairs having fun on my birthday while im down in the basement scared like a chicken because i dont have enough guts to open the dang door! Slowly, I grab the handle and i can feel the rust scraping against my palm. I turn the handle and pull it towards me.

    Suddenly theres a jolt against the door. I hear something fall on the floor with a loud crash. I sheriek loudly causing my friends upsatirs to come down. I hear something fall on the floor with a loud crash. But its too late. Something from insaide the room grabs me and i hear them breathing. I want to turn ariound and run but I know that what they want. I can hear my friends shouting and screaming asking if im okay. The man lets me go and runs off somewhere in the room. I can just make out how big the room is. Its a pretty decent size and I see the man go off into the corner of the room. Something is in his hand. I can hear my friends from outside the room but i go towards the man. Something is in his hand, but what is it?

    Its the purple doorknob. I turn towards the door and the purple doorknob is still there. Sudenly, i feel something hard and rusty hit my head and i fall unconsious. The rusty purple doorknob.

  8. The Amethyst doorknob melted into a pool of fluid on the glossy black floor leaving the creme colored door ajar. I am confronted with a choice. I can either stay in my little black room or leave into the world beyond. I escaped into the black room every night. Every night for the last 10 years I dreamed the same hideous dream. A dark, solitary room with nothing in it. Black walls, black floors, and complete silence. At first it was nice. The quiet left me to think and to breath. I had no worries. Then slowly I started drifting into insanity. The room started feeling colder and colder. Every night I would leave more of my sanity behind in this black room. Just when I couldn’t bare it any longer, this creme colored door appeared. I walk through it slowly, afraid of what might lie ahead. As I walk into the room I see an unfortunate reality-it is yet another little black room. I spin around slowly. The door is now locked. It slowly fades away and I am left with nowhere to go. I sit down and wait for another door.

    • Hopelessness! Despair!

      Wow. I love the first line. I thought, “How surreal!” and then it turned out to be a dream! Very effective.

      Is a life without distraction and worry one that will eventually drive you insane? Do we need distractions and pain in our lives to keep us grounded?

      Heavy stuff!

  9. Amethyst

    There’s always been this old creepy door in my house right next to my bedroom on the first floor.. It has an amethyst crystal knob. We don’t know where it goes nor do I think we will ever find out. Every time you look at the knob, to inspect how such a thing could be moved to get the door open, you see a twisted bloodied face.We’ve tried to pry the hinges off, break it down, and even try to cut or carve into it. Shockingly, nothing works. Nothing can get the door to even budge open. We hired people to check if something was keeping it shut, and nothing worked. Last night I heard distant screams and the odd sound of snapping. I went to the door and knocked, as if something would reply back. Something did. Something then slid a thin,long, rusted blade under the bottom of the door. “Take it”, the thing whispered in a frail piercing voice. I took the blade and hid it in my closet. After that night, the screams and snapping became louder. They never stopped. Then, one night, I heard my parents scream. I raced to their rooms only to hear a twisted child-like innocent yet corrupt voice singing “Mommy and daddy now are dead…Now let’s see if she is next!”. I couldn’t believe my ears. Next day, I packed my things and left, taking the blade with me. Other people bought the house, but they ended up selling it after another murder of the family. I keep in touch with all who buy the house. I don’t know what’s down there, but I know that it’s full of hate. Hate for parents, since they are the ones who happen to die. What people don’t know is, the blade talks to me. It always sings ” Mommy and Daddy are now dead…she has left…now when will she return, to see her fate!”. It’s haunting…I’m not crazy I know it! But now…I’m starting to doubt. I sing the tune now….I visit the now abandon house. Something tempts me to open the door…but I know, It will kill me. Unless, I kill it first.

    • AHHH that is scary. I think there’s a longer story in this. This is one of those entries that could be a much longer story, if you were feeling inspired/ambitious!

      There’s a bit of Stephen King in this writing, you know. 🙂

      By the way, thanks for the letter. You know just how to make a teacher smile. 🙂

  10. In every house known to man.
    An entrance to somewhere unknown. Anyone known to enter, has never been known to exit.
    It is a mark, that only the creators of the door recognize.
    The reason that you should open the door.The reason that you should walk through, to the other side.
    You. You are about to open it. You may not understand what the consequences are if you do, but it seems that it is your only choice.
    You are driven by fear.
    Thoughts race through your mind as you question your sanity in the final seconds of silence, before you open the door to escape the atrocious sound being emitted behind you.
    What ever is behind you, is making you turn.Making you look. Making you see.
    Your foot slips through to the other side, and your vision fades.
    Your teeth are now deep into your lips.
    Blood oozes into your mouth,as you hearing, your sense of touch, your sense of smell – it all,just,leaves.

    • !!

      The last line gave me the chills.

      I think you accidentally (or not?) wrote a metaphor for something deeper…

      Fear drives me to the door but something more concrete makes me open it. Everyone has access to the door but only the maker understands it. Ignorance? Death?

      Is it a simple horror story or does it contain a deeper message? Or both?! (No need to answer; just thinking out loud).


  11. I stared at the door-knob. Unsure whether to open it or not. The beautiful Amethyst reflected the blood dripping down my face. She whispered, “Open it. You will become happy. Don’t you want to get out of this world you are living in?” My face was blank, and emotionless. I thought about the great joys I could have. The swelling would go down. The pain would fade in an instant. The place that does not deserve to be called home will once burn. It will be destroyed, by my choice.
    “The future is held within that very door, child. You want to be free. You want to feel whole again. Loved. Accepted. It will all happen once you open it,” the old man said. He was hopeful. I paced. I couldn’t think. All the voices were tell me to do it. It’s true, I want to be free. I just can’t deal with this hate anymore. Yet, some others wouldn’t let me. Their strong arms holding me back. But I grabbed it. I turned the knob, ripped open the door. What I thought was good and happy turned into something evil and cold. I was falling. Falling into nothingness. I looked back up, trying to see the faces that were once in my life. Some were nodding their heads and smiling. Others were shunning, yelling, crying. It made no sense. What felt like forever was actually nothing. I landed on a cold hard floor. I sat back up. But my surroundings. It was a bright, white room. The sharp pain from my landing, was just my hourly sedative, causing my arm to pulsate and bruise. I snapped my head back and forth. Seeing people slowly closing my door caused me to try and reach out for help. But I was restricted from any physical movement. I slouched. Staring at my cushioned floors, walls and ceilings. I pressed my ear to the cushioned. It was hard to hear. All I could make out was, “Bad case. Schizophrenia. Worst one yet. Just a bad dream.”
    It was all over. Everything. Gone. Ruined.

    • This writing is Certified Christie!

      Halfway through it, I’m thinking – this narrator is crazy! I KNOW IT.

      I was rewarded handsomely at the end.

      “The pain would fade in an instant. The place that does not deserve to be called home will once burn. It will be destroyed, by my choice.” — I love this hint of a back story without a more detailed explanation. It’s just enough!

      And the twisty end! Love it!

  12. Have you ever been in a place where you have no idea where you are? Thats the situalion im in. I felt like im in a place where it has no beginning or end. it was all white, notheing else just blank. I kelp walking but I knew it wouldn’t end but I knew something would happen if I keep walking. When I stop a door apeared in front of me. I was white door that looked like it was old. I couldn’t even make it out since everything else is white. But the was something weird. It had a dark purple door knob. The door knob was made out of Amethyst. I reach out my hand andthe door knob began to glow. As my hand got closer and closer to the knob i glowed brighter and brighter. I put my hand on the door knob and the same shade of purple aroura was around me. When I looked in the door I couldn’t belive my eyes. It was a room with thousands or stars. They were all so beautiful and shined brightly. Then I saw a dark figure that I couldn’t make out. I was scared so I ran for the door. But it was gone. The figure approched me. I saw it and it was a dragon! It was a dark purple almost black and it’s underbellyand under its wings were scales the looked like the night skywith thousands of stars. It was medium sized and had some spikes running down it’s back. It flicked it’s long black forked tounge. I strech out my hand and to my surprise he puthis snout on it. We became friends. He reminds me of the purple door knob. I think i’ll call him Amethyst. The dark purple aroura around me glowed brighter as I got on his back. He sent me a message through his mind.
    “Do you want to get outof here, I can take you to your world.” Amethyst said.
    Yes, I would like that Amethyst.” I replyed.
    “As you wish Nova.” He said while flapping his wings to go threw a pordal back to my world.

  13. the reflection in the doorknob is yourself. You must see yourself for who you are and you must know your true self to enter
    Where the door leads is the most obvious answer but one you will only know when you open the door
    The one that opens it is brave, confident, and trusting
    The one who closes it has no faith
    and the one who refuses to touch it isn’t ready to open it.

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