about me

My name is Jen Russ. My students call me Miz Russ, which is why my Twitter handle is @mizrus.

By day, I’m a zany high school English teacher who loves my students and my subject. Hopefully, that’s all I need to be a good teacher, because I’m sorely lacking in the Organization, Chalkboard Handwriting, and General Togetherness departments.

By night, I’m an improv comedian, a volunteer, a flight school dispatcher, and a road-tripper. I live in a 215-year-old house in Sussex County, NJ with my fabulous husband and our five pets: three cats and two dogs. Check out my Twitter account for many, many animal pictures.

I love to write. If you see me in public looking spacey, you can bet I’m writing a story in my head. If you want to hear it, say hi! If you want to see it in print, please contact my most fabulous agent, Cheryl Pientka of Jill Grinberg Literary Management.

Me. Bonus points if you know where I am in fantasy-land, and superamazingbonuspoints if you know where I am in the real world.


10 thoughts on “about me

  1. well, as for the picture I am going to take a wild guess and say platform 9 3/4… as for the real world… wait, Platform 9 3/4 is not real!?!?!? I have been lied to! ouch, right in the childhood.

  2. I guess I get the superamaxingbonuspoints because I DEFINATELY know where that is…thats how I get to school every year!

    • And seventeen bonus points to Miss Giovanelli for actually attending Hogwarts…not that Hogwarts attendees need bonus points. You can probably make your own bonus points. Anyway! I’m jealous. 🙂

  3. that’s how my boyfriend (Harry) and I get to school every year… yeah, that’s right you are jealous Rosie… not to mention I had the first post so the points are mine!!!! HAHAH

  4. YAY! You all win 10 bonus points. But the person who can tell me where that painting is in … ahem…not Harry Potter-life ….wins 10 superamazingbonus points.

    • Well, I am pretty sure Mr. W. told Merry that it was not in universal… um, so
      yeah, I got nothing.
      by the way… If you were wondering, Marie is not my real name… I have never actually posted on a blog so I was kind of frightened… Meredith put her name down so I felt kind of bad… Marie is my middle name… wait! I think I can change it!
      Anywho, um, I don’t know, I will look up places on the internet and get beck to ye.

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